UK based digital artist Abramelin Wolfe has created digital artworks and metaverse content for over 20 years.  In 2004 he started the well known MetaVerse brand 'Abranimations'  that creates engaging and dynamic content for Virtual Worlds and online VR platforms. He is best known for creating fun and engaging 3D content and animations on a number platforms including Second Life, IMVU and Sansar. He specialises in motion capture animation and through his mocap studio 'Awesome Dog Mocap' he provides ready to use data for 3D Artists and Game Developers.

On this site you will find some of his digital artworks as well as details of various other projects he is involved in. Abramelin uses a wide variety of different skillsets and technologies to create his artworks. His focus is primarily on human motion and dance. Those familiar with his work will also notice a whimsical quality that permeate throughout.